4 thoughts on “Discover what matters to you

    They are just subconscious imaginations that need to be worked into being, they are only contagious to your conscious state when you apply some form of actions/efforts to actualize them.
    Dreams need the right talent to match up with the kind of dream you have, then you persevere in where others could not prevail, make a way of making impossibilities become just mere English words that can be broken with just the right tools in a given task you want to embark on.
    Dreams are just fantasies/hallucinations if you don’t try to bring them to really, they will fizzle out, work towards making your dreams come true. The best way to make your dreams come to reality is to put in the effort or if you enjoy just dreaming fruitless dreams then don’t wake up from your sleep and keep dreaming.
    For you to actualize your dreams sometimes you need to lose plenty of sleep when others are sleeping, bury yourself in deep research that concerns your dream and learn from people who have excelled in that same field your dream is about, work now so that when your dreams manifest you will have enough time to sleep and be lost in your fantasies.
    ©F.I.D. Fredrick Israel David

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    You can not control the way other people think or feel about you, but you can always control how they treat, talk and act to you. How you behave determines how people do the above-mentioned to you.
    When you discover your worth and you know what you are worth, you will never waste time with people who don’t have an inkling of your worth, they will not understand you and it will always lead to misunderstanding between you and them.
    Create a circle or network of people who share the same ideology with you, that have the same kind of energy with you, it will help spark the vibes that will lead to positivity, productivity, and progress.
    It is like a lion discussing a way forward of the jungle with ants, what do you think will be the outcome of a meeting like that? Arguments, because they don’t share the same concept. when a sheep sees a wolf, the first instinct that will come to its mind is; “RUN” while if a wolf sees a sheep, it will first think; “LUNCH”.
    Two different entities set by nature with different programs, an android phone can not do what an I phone is designed to do, that is why their worth is different, learn to recognize and look for people who know your worth, that is the only way you can expand, if not you will just be a fish in a bucket with no idea it can also swim in the ocean, try to explore and identify the birds that have the same color of feathers as yours, there is strength in unity when your goals and dreams are unified.ones you identify your kind of birds, together you will fly and soar above every negativity that stands in your way to achieve your aims and objectives.
    ©Akpu Fredrick.

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