43 thoughts on “Today, I am selected as a assistant professor job . But the college is 75 km away from my home? What can I do ? Plz give advice.

  1. Heartiest congratulations on joining as Assistant Professor. I understand that the travel can be very challenging. New job, family, health etc can be very difficult to manage simultaneously.
    My Father told me that “God doesn’t place the load of the world on weak shoulders.”
    It is clear that you are meant to do a lot in life.
    Go for it.
    And thank you for looking at my blog. I have followed yours

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  2. As a former professor, I’d request the opportunity of teaching virtual classes or face to face questions that meet only once a week. Teaching a night class on campus followed by a day class there the next day would be discouraged. Committee assignments should also have the option of participating online.

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