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Importance of Detecting and Writing , Implementing Your Personal Mission Statement.

Everyone’s life is unique . We are born to live unique and special task on this earth. So Don’t copy other people life or their mission. If you don’t find your own life mission then you’ll lost in your life… be careful.

As we go deeply within ourselves , as we understand and realign our basic paradigms to bring them in harmony with correct principles , we create both an effective , empowering center and clear lens through which we can see the world or through the vision we can see our life crystal clear.

We detect rather then invent our mission in life.

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life…..Therein he cannot be replaced , nor can his life be repeated. Thus , Everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.

Yesterday I finished reviewing my own mission statement , which I do fairly . I done it first time because I have lot of question in my mind regarding my life , career and marriage etc.

Sitting at a garden which I am alone , I took out my diary and write everything what came in mind regarding my life , review my last past 10 years and plan for priority of my next 10 years . It took complete one day , but I felt a sense of clarity , a sense of commitment , a sense of freedom.

Writing or reviewing a mission statement changes you because it forces you to think through your priorities deeply , carefully and to align your behavior with your belief.

3 responses to “Importance of Detecting and Writing , Implementing Your Personal Mission Statement.”

  1. I agree with you. Writing the mission statement clears any cobwebs from the mind. Thank you for this post

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