I created this bucket list from last 2 years ….bit by bit it grows and hit 50 bucket list ideas which I want to complete in my lifetime. In future , I also update this bucket list cause as life changes priority changes so may be This bucket hit 75 or 100 ideas in future. I wish , I hope , I complete this all bucket list.

  1. Achieve a Personal Satisfaction.
  2. Make a Journal of Life.
  3. Create Blog.
  4. Attempt Meditation.
  5. Watch a sunrise and sunset in one day.
  6. Cook a few food. [at least 20 new dishes ] [cook something new every day for 30 days].
  7. Leave a Love Note on Bathroom Mirror.
  8. Reconnect with the old friends.
  9. Write a letter to your Future self.
  10. Hug a Redwood.
  11. Change Your Hair.
  12. Read a Book you own.
  13. Go 24 Hours without Internet , Radio or Television. [Every month ]
  14. Sleep under the stars.
  15. Be Published.
  16. Design a website.
  17. Create a photo journal
  18. Master a new Language.
  19. Write my life story.
  20. Look 10 years younger.
  21. Go wine tasting . [ Learn wine appreciation]
  22. Create a traditional dish from different culture.
  23. Have a collection.
  24. Exercise daily 30 minutes at least [hit a fitness goal].
  25. Make a new friend.
  26. Became a morning person.
  27. Visit all India before die.
  28. Write a five years plan.
  29. Watch 100 of IMDb movies.
  30. Release the past.
  31. Get a PhD.
  32. Climb a Mountain.
  33. Walk/Dance barefoot in rain.
  34. Go on the road trip.
  35. Visit a Castle.
  36. visit a national park.
  37. Take a year off.
  38. Attend a cricket match.
  39. Knief a Scarf.
  40. To visit all historical place in India . It would be really fascinating.
  41. Complete a 30 day challenge.
  42. Fill my saving Jar.
  43. Invest in Gold.
  44. Have a incredible 50th b’day party.
  45. Write one gratitude sentence daily.
  46. Let my hair get really long.
  47. Hike a mountain
  48. Find my first love.
  49. Go Ghost Haunting.
  50. Improve Writing Skill.