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Connect With Yourself

If you cannot reconnect , focus on yourself in the most loving , intimate way possible. Relate to yourself as you would to a best friend. If needed , seek out a best friend. The key is to strengthen your connection with life as it unfolds in you.

Regardless of what happens in your social life , you are always a living miracle made of stardust , a part of nature that can never really become unattached from God or what agnostics call the web of existence.

8 responses to “Connect With Yourself”

  1. Self love is the key to peaceful living. Wonderful message

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  2. Achalaw (Quechua lang.) love it
    Whole lotta thanks for those wise and gorgeous words
    from the deepness of my heart and lovely greetings
    MUNAY from NowHere

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  3. What a lovely reminder of our place in the universe.

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  4. So deep and beautiful.

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