Truth of life is Death.

No one can run from death.

No one can hide from death.

Lastly everyone will have to face death.

Loss of someone close is worst pain of life.

No one is known of how they die. Sometimes it’s murder, sometimes it’s illness, sometimes it’s accident or sometimes time is fixed or time is limited , sometimes it’s from drowning. Don’t know how it happens. But

Death is reality of life and it’s have worst pain. But we have to accept it and move on.

Comments your view on death.

6 thoughts on “Truth of life is Death.

  1. Death is our means of living in the eternal world. It is like a door in the same sense that birth is like a door to life on this earth. The key to a happy future is given in the comment above. In this life, adults will sin and rebel against God, but He made a way by which those sins are forgiven. The death of Jesus who was crucified as a sacrificial Lamb. His blood covers our sins when we choose to go to him and submit to his will.

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  2. Death gives meaning to life but we’d all rather not think about it. The questions each human being must face is how to live in the world knowing that all that we love will end, including our time on earth.

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