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Bucket list Of Personal Development

  • Read Books.
  • Attend Seminars
  • Learn New HOBBY
  • Keep a journal and maintain it.

If you have any ideas related personal development then write in comments box.

6 responses to “Bucket list Of Personal Development”

  1. -Learn new skills more than just a hobby. Not limited to high paying and often boring skills. A random carpentry class, a musical instrument,etc would give great joy.
    -travel when u can …bus and trains the real deal..immerse ur self in the conversations of fellow passengers (eavesdropping is allowed) .
    -learn to drive (bike,car-if u don’t)
    -volunteer some hours over the weekend (at a gurdwara,a school, hospital,NGO)

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    1. These points are wise and worth .
      I like the point which is when traveling immers ur self in conversation of fellow passengers. Great point.
      Thank for sharing Harman.

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      1. My pleasure✌️

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  2. Welcome each sunrise as a blessing in your life. A bonus day to help others.

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  3. I would say first find out exactly which area of your personality do you want to develop? Will power? A particular habit? Productivity? Time management?…If you narrow down to one particular area, it becomes easier to focus…..Just my thought..:)

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