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The Journey

My journey of life is in my late 20's with some handful experience. I'll share whatever is in my way of life.

Where did you grow up ?

I grew up in India, in Maharashtra along with traditional Marathi culture.

In my teenage years, I love to read books and write a article. I have lot of values of education , plants and nature.

I’m so curious: Where did you grow up? Do you still live there or visit ? I’d love to hear….


6 responses to “Where did you grow up ?”

  1. I grew up in Vancover British Columbia Canada.I have not been back for many years since my Mother who still lived there died.

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    1. It’s great to listen about you…thank you.

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  2. I grew up in the United States in the southern state of Georgia. When I was 23 years old I left my hometown of Gainesville, Georgia but returned with my husband and daughter 20 years later. I now live in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia which is 30 miles from Gainesville where I grew up.

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    1. That’s nice ☺️….

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  3. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I moved to Los Angeles because I learned it didn’t snow there. I didn’t like winter. I moved again to Vancouver, BC, Canada which I love.
    I believe I will remain here for the rest of my life. Cheers, Muriel


  4. I grew up in Accra, Ghana. My family moved to the U.S. in 2001 and we’ve been there since! I can’t believe it but I’ve only been back twice and it’s been over 20 years!


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An English diarist and naval administrator. I served as administrator of the Royal Navy and Member of Parliament. I had no maritime experience, but I rose to be the Chief Secretary to the Admiralty under both King Charles II and King James II through patronage, diligence, and my talent for administration.


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