Embrace winter as a gift

Nowadays, the temperature is in between 15° to 20° . And it’s feel so cold. But if we prepare, we can embrace winter as a gift.

Prepare your Nest :

  1. A stack of blankets
  2. A favorite mug to drink warm.
  3. Keep your favorite sweater handy.
  4. Nourish yourself (the moisture is must in the winter).

Happy Winter. ☃️⛄

Knitting – A New Hobby

In winter , the perfect hobby where we can do hands on is knitting or crochet . December is month when the winter is on their peak and snow is falling. Knitting is tool to release stress and feel relaxed. Also when we knitting our brain muscle get exercised. So Knitting is perfect hobby to get on every stage of life . It doesn’t matter you are in your 20s , 40s or even 60s or more ; knitting gives you happiness and release a stress and also you forgot tension you have when you knit.

I am beginner in the knitting , in this year 2020 , i just started to give hands on knitting. And i liked it a lot. This year , i found a my new hobby which is — Knitting. Here is picture a share of my Knitting Practice:

Hands On Knitting

This Knitting Practice and Project are still goes on . When it is done , i will share with this blog .

Happy Winter ;

Happy Knitting ; Keep on Doing.

Rain , Coffee and Book

Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book.

Let’s get lost in the world made of books , coffee and rainy days. A nature is best therapy to burn out all the stress you have ; relax and comfortable with what you love.

The cold and rainy days are perfect to relax with streaming cup of coffee , a book you love and some music. Here , the little rain falling continuously from morning to night , the environment became cold , you just have to make cup of coffee and pick up the book you love and be comfortable .

The book which best to read in this environment is related to nature and explore it in mind. The book in my list to read in rainy season is Into Thin Air by Jon krakauer.

Enjoy your day with Rain.