Aam Panna :: Best Cold Drink

Aam Panna is made from king of fruit which is Mango. This cold drink is prepared from raw mango pulp , cumin and mint leaves.

Aam Panna is mostly popular in Maharashtra. This cold drink not only energized you in sunny days but also refreshed you.

Aam Panna

Which is your favorite cold drink in hot summer ?

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Benefits of Amla

Amla fruit is native from Asia. Amla fruit have a unique flavor as sour , bitter and astringent.

Amla fruit

Amla Juice is highly nutritious and associated with a variety of health benefits.

  1. Promote immune function .
  2. Support healthy digestion.
  3. May increase hair growth.
  4. Improve eyesight.
  5. Acts as a natural blood purifier.
  6. Good for mental health.
  7. Improve skin texture.
  8. It helps to fight the common cold.
  9. Promote heart health.
  10. Enhance liver health.

Different ways to add amla to daily routine:

  1. Amla pickle
  2. Amla candy
  3. Amla juice
  4. Dried amla