The Law of Karma

” Sow a though , reap an action ; sow an action , reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character ; sow a character , reap a destiny.” – Book of 7 habits of highly effective people.

We have a choice in every moment to plant a good seed or a bad seed. But whatever we choose , its not without consequences.

The Universe will return in kind as we reap what we sow.


Two years before I got precognition about two bad events. But that time whenever that two bad events continously came in my mind then I think that’s my negative thoughts or whatever something negative came in mind. I act and try to think positively.

But unfortunately, that two bad events became true after 2 years. I don’t know what it is or how this became true. I am fully shocked about this. Truly unexpected .

But sometimes GOD gives us precognition about future events. I am in my late 20’s and I don’t have much experience about precognition and spirituality but this incident happens with me .

There are decades where nothing happens. There are weeks where decades happens.

Life is unpredictable

Whatever we prepared for our future. We don’t know what happens in future. Life is always unpredictable.

We also don’t know when which is our last day of life.

Facing the reality and moving on in life is hard sometimes. But life doesn’t stop for someone. Sun rises and moon rises. Days comes and goes. Years comes and goes. Whatever happens with us doesn’t matter , life never stops.

And that’s bitter reality, we have to accept it , face the situation and have to move on and continue the journey.

There is no need for Validation

I can safely say I ‘ve grown through different phases of my life over the past decade.

From eagerly growing out of high school, to graduating from university and then getting post graduation degree from autonomous institute and after that Finding my own identity and now doing my first job.

Of course when the phases were colorful , a big part of them were filled green.

Upon reflection, there certainly is no need to seek validation from others.

Believe in yourself, build your own future.

Practice of Journaling gives you clarity and congruence of Life.

I am practicing Journaling from last 4 years , it gives me a lot of clarity about me. This year, Indo Batteries gifted me a diary of 2022.

Journal 2022

If we daily practice Journaling then you’ll see crystal clearly what needs to removed and what should be included in your life.

Journaling is beautiful and powerful facilitor of self discovery.

My own Journaling is how I’ve come to form my sense of identity and path in life.

Not only will you have more clarity about your path in life, but Journaling improve your ability to make small and large decisions along the way.

On the pages of your journal will be the future world you are creating for yourself.

You are the author of your life’s story. You deserve to be happy.

You have the power to create whatever life you want. As the designer of your world, get ad detailed as you desire.

Happy Journaling.