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Keep a Success Diary

Motivate yourself with a success diary…..!

Writing down what you did well can give you a sense of achievement.

In other words , once a professional success gives you a feeling of accomplishment , you’ll be more motivated to keep working hard to achieve more success.

Positive emotions like this release the neurotransmitter dopamine , which makes you feel good , gives you energy and motivates you to keep doing things that will trigger the release of more dopamine.

All things considered , if you really want to move your life forward , don’t forget to keep a success diary.

Because when you understand how your actions led to a positive outcomes , you’ll literally have your own formula for success at your fingertips.

9 responses to “Keep a Success Diary”

  1. Success journaling is excellent 👍

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  2. Journaling works, helps improve on personal development, planning,gratitude and self belief.

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  3. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog! I really appreciate your support and look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  4. Writing down my accomplishments can make me feel better about myself, but as I grow older and can’t do the things I used to do easily, it could backfire – IF I am focused on myself. But when I read in my journals about the times God came through for me, and knowing that He never changes, never grows old or feeble or tired … that makes me feel better about MY GOD. ❤

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